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Emmergency Mozambique

Don't look away from the displaced persons in Mozambique!

After 12 years of working in the Cabo Delgado province in Mozambique, we are facing a humanitarian crisis that has spread through the districts of this province and more recently Nampula, affecting more than 800,000 people.

Of these, more than 30,000 have moved to the communities of Silva Macua, Mahera, Impire, Ngoma, Mièze, Mahate (Cabo Delgado) and Namialo (Nampula), where we began to intervene in 2009 and to whom Helpo has been providing support by delivering food kits and conducting nutritional screening for pregnant and lactating women and children up to 2 years of age, and school reintegration of displaced children who represent about 50% of the displaced.

How can you help?

IBAN: PT50 0010 0000 3483 3480 00619

'Ser Solidário' (Multibanco or MB Way)

Audácio is one of the 235 children Helpo was supporting to study in Mocimboa da Praia, one of the villages in Cabo Delgado attacked by insurgents. Audacio is eight years old and, like hundreds of thousands of other children, he did not give up on life and fled his village to escape death. Helpo did not give up on Audácio either and found him 450 km away from home in Pemba to make sure he was okay and that the early school drop-out would not be another tragedy in his life. In the framework of this project of relocation of refugee families from the war, Helpo has already reunited 49 families, out of a total of 331 displaced persons. Helpo's financial support currently reaches 164 displaced primary school pupils and 17 secondary school pupils, to ensure the continuity of their schooling and daily sustenance of these children. If you also want to be part of the help on the long road these children still have ahead of them, you can support our project by making a donation.


Give your income tax a tangible purpose

The assignment of 0.5% of your income tax does not have any costs for you and makes all the difference for those who support the Future of these children. All you need to do is write Helpo's VAT number - 507 136 845 - in box 11, 2nd paragraph of your income tax return, in the 'Finanç' website.


Celebrations and Tributes

Celebrate a date that is special to you by making a donation to one of Helpo's projects, sharing this gesture with your guests. Whether it is a Birthday Celebration, Wedding, Christening or other similar events, or a simple Tribute to someone special. Helpo will try to meet your expectations, taking into account the current needs of its beneficiaries. The postcards or cards are personalised.


Helpo’s Goods

Helpo sells goods promoted by the Association as a way of raising funds for the implementation of projects and also a range of items made by local craftsmen as a way of stimulating local production and local economy and to bring cultures together. 

To find out more about the goods we have available at the moment and/or to order items, contact us via telephone: 211537687 or e-mail:


Miles from your travels help to monitor projects and ensure their effectiveness!

Whenever you travel with TAP, you can donate your miles to Helpo.

For more information about this programme, click here.

Helpo's Victoria number is TP409549092 

We count on your solidarity miles!


Solidarity Call

By calling Helpo's solidarity number you are contributing to the projects that Helpo carries out.

 (+351) 760 501 570

This call costs 0,60€ + vat.